As well as taking on design work Pete also takes on consultancy projects. At Boots part of Pete’s role was to advise the board and senior management on the visual interpretation of the Boots brand and it’s future development. This experience has since been put to use with a number of other clients. The following are examples of this type of consultancy role.

Lloyds Pharmacy – Pete acted as design consultant to Lloyds Pharmacy and worked with the in-house design team to develop their skills and to raise the level of briefing within the company. Pete also set up the packaging roster to work on gift lines and advised on procurement of design services.

WHSmith – Pete was asked to advise on the setting up and management of the in-house design team. This involved looking at structures, roles and responsibilities as well as fit with existing roles and structures within the business as a whole.

General procurement – advise is regularly sought on design procurement and design management procedures. These are areas where companies can easily spend more than they need to if briefing, processes and decision making are unclear – and design is often an area where things are unclear.